Fried watermelon with smoked sheeps's cheese

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Portionen: 4

  • 500 g Watermelon (ripe)
  • 1/2 piece Lime (juice)
  • Fresh mint
  • some leaves Lemon balm
  • 300 g Sheep's cheese (smoked)
  • Chilli (red)
  • Sea salt
  • Ground pepper
  • Olive oil
  • Kalamata olives (and crisply fried bread chips for optional decorat)

Cut the watermelon in 12 equally long pieces (approx. 12 x 2 x 2 cm). Before frying, patwith a kitchen paper. Fry briefly in a teflon-lined panwith some olive oil. Place 3 pieces each on a warm plate. Slice the cheese very thinly with a grater and place over the melon. Sprinkle with the herbs, some olive oil, lime juice, and season with salt, pepper and chili. Decorate with olives and pan-fried bread chips.

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Fried watermelon with smoked sheeps's cheese

  1. Uttenhofen
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  2. Illa
    Illa kommentierte am 16.05.2015 um 21:25 Uhr

    well done

  3. Zubano15
    Zubano15 kommentierte am 06.07.2013 um 14:32 Uhr

    super lecker

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